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Wood Asanoha (麻の葉) Kumiko Earrings

Wood Asanoha (麻の葉) Kumiko Earrings

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Our delicate laser-cut earrings are inspired by the Japanese woodworking technique called Kumiko, a craft that has been practiced in the country for over a thousand years.

The wooden panel showcases the Asanoha (麻の葉) hemp leaf pattern, popular on Japanese kimono and other traditional clothing. The hemp leaf symbolizes growth, vigor, and resilience and the geometric pattern is said to have the power to keep bad luck and evil spirits at bay. Each set of earrings is packaged in a traditional Japanese Furoshiki (風呂敷), a wrapping cloth that when used to enclose a gift, is considered a thoughtful gesture that shows respect and care for the recipient.

Earring hooks are hypoallergenic and come in gold, silver, and rose gold.

Each set of earrings is custom-made in Portland, Oregon, and packaged with care by the maker.
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